Can I continue working immediately after resetting my password?

Yes, you can. After the password reset, you can logon with your new password immediately and continue working right away. But you will want update any saved passwords you may have and remove and readd the Marywood Wi-Fi on your devices to update so you don't get locked out from using the old password anywhere.

Can I only reset my password if I'm enrolled in this program?

Yes, before you can use the Forgot My Password functionality of the software, you need to enroll. Only after enrolling, can you use it to reset your password.

Does the password reset software work if, for example, I'm using my laptop and I'm not connected to the network?

No, but you must be connected to the internet.

Does the software store my answers?

Yes, but only during enrollment and the answer will be stored using encryption. Therefore, it is not possible to retrieve your original answers.

Does the software store my passwords somewhere?

No, the software only stores the questions and answers.

Does the helpdesk have access to my answers and questions?

No, but they can reset your password for you if you need assistance and then you can enroll again to replace or update your security questions and other information.

Can I use the software if my password is already expired?

Yes, it is possible to reset a password that is expired using the software.

Can I use SSRPM if my account has been disabled or is locked?

It is possible to unlock your account using this software. During the reset procedure you can select the "Unlock my account". It is not possible to reset the password if the account was explicitly disabled by the administrator. You will need to contact the Help Desk for assistance if your account is disabled.